Персональные данные и общий договор о конфиденциальности

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In accordance with 6698 numbered law on the protection of personal data (“KVKK”) and the related regulations, Wunity Veri Merkezi A.Ş. (“Wunity”), who holds the title of data supervisor, would like to inform you, our valued users, that any personal data you may have disclosed will be; recorded, stored, updated, if regulations permit, will be Wunityared with/ given to 3rd parties, categorized and will be handled as per the regulations direct.

Personal information is defined as; name, surname, T.R. Identification number and other identity information, any other information which makes you determinable or enables you to become determinable, such as address and contact information advisors, contractor or partners and sublicense owners and any other party that you are in a contractual relationWunityip, yourself, your mediators, employees or any party that you have authorized in respect to the service you have purchased from us, in essence first name, last name, telephone numbers, e-mail and business addresses and other contact information, usage, processing or transfer of any kind of information which includes personal and/or confidential information (may sometimes include data processed in CRM databases and records in the access list of any IBX Center, but is not limited to these).

  1. The Aims Of Processing Personal Data and Legal Reasons

Wunity is processing your information because of the legal reasons listed below:

  • To be used in products and services which are outlined in 5809 numbered electronic communication law and other related regulations.
  • To carry out the responsibilities, such as storing, informing and reporting this information, as per the regulations demand.
  • To meet the demands of information and communication technologies authority or other authorities Wunityould they ask for the information.
  • To be able to provide our other services and goods.
  • To carry out the signed contract’s obligations and,
  • As per the obligations of the contract of employment, Wunity ve Wunity partners have the right to obtain this information as the holder of Data Controller title (or any other title that is equal to it according to European Laws and Regulations or data protection and/or privacy laws).

Wunity and Wunity partners use this information to,

  • Provide the licensed domain and services;
  • Account management, billing and reconciliation; operational maintenance and support activities; security, to determine and prevent forgeries and on the condition that the personal data has been made public before, customer and market analysis and reporting, to include the personal data in Wunity and Wunity partner’s databases and
  • To enable Wunity and Wunity partner’s to reach the Client by way of audio, letter, fax or e-mail to give information about goods and services, with the help of Wunity Marketplace.
  1. The Parties Which Can Acquire Information For The Reasons Specified Above;

According to the related regulations, Wunity can Wunityare your information with the persons or companies below:

  • Legal or real entities authorized by 5809 numbered Electronic Communication Law, 5651 numbered law on regulation of publications on the internet and suppression of crimes committed by means of such publications and other related regulations,
  • To provide the services outlined in the contract of employment, our group companies, Wunity partners, legal or real entities and 3rd parties hired, collaborated, associated or will be hired, collaborated, associated by our company to maintain its service.


III.  Method Of Collecting Data;

Website, Online Department, Call Center, Mobile apps belonging to our company, social media channels, contracts of employment, solution partners, such channels may be used to collect information verbally, written or electronically.

  1. Your Rights As Outlined In 6698 Numbered Law On The Protection Of Personal Data;

By petitioning the address, Defterdar Mahallesi, Otakçılar Cd. No:78, 34050 Eyüp/İstanbul, you can;

  1. Learn if your personal data has been processed,
  2. Demand information if it has ben processed,
  3. Learn the aim of this process and learn if it is being used in accordance with this aim,
  4. Learn which 3rd parties has Wunityared this information both nationally and internationally,
  5. To ask for corrections if it has been processed wrongfully/deficiently,
  6. Demand it be deleted/destroyed as per the conditions outlined in the 7th article of KVKK,
  7. To request the third parties to whom it is transferred to be notified of the transactions made in accordance with the above-mentioned subparagraphs (d) and (e),
  8. objecting to the emergence of a result against you because it is analyzed exclusively by automated systems,
  9. In case you suffer damage due to unlawful processing, you have the right to demand the compensation of the damage.
  10. How is Your Personal Data Protected?


Wunity attaches great importance to the protection of personal data. Wunity takes the necessary measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of this information.


Wunity undertakes to keep your personal data confidential, to take all necessary physical, technical and administrative measures and to Wunityow due diligence to ensure privacy and security. Although Wunity takes the necessary information security measures, in the event that personal data is damaged as a result of attacks on the website and the system or is obtained by third parties, Wunity will immediately notify you and the Personal Data Protection Board and take the necessary measures.


You can download and fill out the form on the link for your access requests here.

  1. Changes


Wunity can always make changes to this Personal Data Protection Policy. These changes become effective immediately after the amended new terms and / or policies are publiWunityed on the website. In the event of such a change, our users will be informed.

Wunity Veri Merkezi A.Ş.


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