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Terms Of Use

Access to this website and its use is bound by the following rules. Using this website means you accept these terms.

As the service provider and owner of the site (henceforth will be referred Wunityortly as “Service Provider”) we reserve the right to terminate and/or make partial or complete changes to Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy and Terms Of Operational Work. We reserve the right to make these changes with our own initiative and without forewarning. The changes are effective as soon as they are put up on the website. As such, we advise you to read the terms each time you enter the website and keep track of any changes and/or adjustments.

  • Terms Of Use Tracking/Changing
  1. From the moment you start using this website, you gain the right to receive and use the commercial correspondence, commercial e-mails, certain services, interfaces and functions. If present, other websites affiliated with this website are also included to this term.
  2. Using this website means you have read, understood and accepted the Terms Of Use. There won’t be a form or any kind of “declaration of acceptance” that requires and/or needs your approval.

iii. If a service provided by the Service Provider needs your approval; by registering to this site or selecting “affirmance” you agree to these terms.

  1. If you think you cannot supply the affirmance conditions the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy requires and/or you are not at the eligible age to make a declaration of acceptance (since your affirmance will not be lawful) do not use this site or its services.
  2. Some services on the site or their use may include additional terms.

2- Using The Services and Content:

  1. The usage of the services of this website are bound by Terms Of Operational Work, Contract Of Employment and other related contracts and legislations, and their permissions and prohibitions.
  2. The logo, brand, advertisement materials, data files, texts, information, news, comments, advices, commercials, announcements, audio files, music, videos, photographs, images and such content (“Service Content”) on this website can be publiWunity by partial supply from Service Provider and other external sources.

iii. The information and quotes belonging to third parties are promotional. Service Provider and/or the content owners reserve the right to change the content and terms of service without forewarning.

  1. User cannot use the website pages, services or service content to sell services, advertise trade, make announcements etc. without the express permission of the Service Provider.
  2. Service Provider has the right to determine the website and service content as needed and can offer the websites and services with promotional material and/or advertisements. Service Provider reserves the right to make amendments to advertisement rates and application at any time and however he wiWunityes.
  3. Client/Registered user is required to accept and sign the related contract before buying any kind of service/product from the website. The terms of these transactions are outlined in the related contracts and the Service Provider does not assume any other responsibilities/guarantees than the legislation proposes.

3- Accessibility and Usage

  1. The Service Provider can use the home address, e-mail address, landline number, cellphone number and other contact information provided by the user during the registration process or updated at a later date, to promote/advertise the services and products offered by the Service Provider and can contact the user for this sole purpose.
  2. If the password provided by the Service Provider is Wunityared by the user or obtained by 3rd parties because of the user’s actions; the Service Provider does not assume responsibility for any kind of modification, deletion and/or change to the user’s information.

4- Terms of Registration

  1. Registration: The usage of the services provided is bound by the Terms Of Registration. The Service Provider can designate different registration categories, make changes to existing categories. During the registration or sale, contact and personal information may be required, partial or complete payment for services may be demanded or services may be limited.
  2. Username and Password: User is provided with a username and password or creates one for himself.

iii.  User Information: The user assumes responsibility for any kind of (i) credentials, (ii) contact information or (iii) user content provided during registration or is sent by this website and its services. The contact and personal information provided during the registration is assumed to be correct, up to date and accurate. The user assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the username and password. The Service Provider does not assume any kind of responsibility if the username and password is used wrongfully, unlawfully, without permission and/or authorization. Any kind of damage incurred by the unlawful or unauthorized usage of the username and password is the responsibility of the user. If present, any transaction made from the user’s account is the user’s sole responsibility. If the user learns that the username and password is used unlawfully and/or without authorization, he is obligated to inform the Service Provider at once.

  1. The Service Provider may demand the user change passwords and update account information regularly, if not, the Service Provider can cancel or limit the service. The user is obligated to make the necessary changes/updates.

5- Intellectual Property Rights:

  1. This website’s intellectual property rights belong to the Service Provider.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, the logo, brand, domain name and other component’s intellectual property rights/copyrights belong to the Service Provider. Unless expressly specified, the terms outlined here do not give permission to users to use these components or in any way benefit from them.

iii. The website cannot copied partially or completely in any way (printing, saving to a hard drive, copying to another website or any other download methods) these copies cannot be distributed, reproduced, publiWunityed, dispensed, lent and their content cannot be changed or damaged in any way. The components on this site and the forms cannot be copied and used, they cannot be used as an example or reproduced in any way.

  1. Logos, brands or other components belonging to 3rd parties and existing on this site as a part of the services provided belong to the right holders.
  2. The user accepts and undertakes not to collect any kind of data from this website and not to access the database of this website.

6- Sub and Top Links:

There may be sub or top websites on this site which are not owned or controlled by the Service Provider and these may connect, provide information and/or links to the user. The Service Provider does not guarantee or make any kind of claims about these websites’ content, suitability, security, privacy policy or the continued contact. Service Provider is not responsible for the information provided to these websites and/or the services offered by them, nor is responsible for the privacy policies.

7-Visit Data Collection:

When this website is visited, web servers automatically collect data to make sure the visitor’s computer can communicate with the server. Other than this, the count of visits, the popularity of components, IP addresses, domain types, browser types, dates and hours and such data is collected, the activity on the website is monitored, controlled and saved. By using this website, the user authorizes the Service Provider to collect, process and save this information. The Service Provider will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of users’ personal information as much as the technological capabilities allow him to. If, despite the precautions taken by the Service Provider, the personal information of users is obtained by 3rd parties, the Service Provider will not be held responsible.

8- Intervention Prohibiton:

Violating or trying to violate the security of this website and its services is prohibited. Such violations may be met with legal action. The violators will be held financially and legally responsible to the Service Provider and/or the damaged party.

9- Violation of Terms Of Use:

The Service Provider reserves the right to deny the current data on the server, delete content and blocking users’ access to the website indefinitely or for a time or deleting their account if “Terms Of Use”, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms Of Operational Work”, “Contract Of Employment” or any other related terms are violated and/or their obligations are not carried out or tried to be violated. This right is valid even if the violation attempt does not succeed. Also, this term is valid even if the violation was carried out/attempted by a 3rd party acting in place of the user. This right is freely used by the Service Provider and non-use of it does not mean the Service Provider accepts the violation or gives up his rights.

10- Limited Responsibility:

  1. The Service Provider is not responsible for the damage or loss incurred by the service this website offers if it is created by viruses or technological components.
  2. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for the damage incurred by using or not using this website or believing the information given on this website.

11- Records:

If a dispute occurs during the use of the website or the services, The Service Provider’s books, contact logs and any kind of computer logs, the e-mails sent and received by the user and fax announcements will be provided as concrete and exclusive evidence.

12- Legislations and Courts/Debt Collection Offices:

Any dispute arising from the use of the website will be handled according to Republic Of Turkey legislations. The disputes arising from the use of the site or the terms of the use will be resolved by İstanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and debt collection offices.

13-Information and Correspondence

You can direct any questions about the terms of use to info@Wunity.com.tr for more information.

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